Message from the Board 

29 January 2017


Dear parents/carers,

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

The Board of ASAL (the Board) would like to update the community on progress that has been made during the month of January.


The Board represented by Mrs. Azra Khan, Chairperson and Mr. M. Suhail Khan, Director requested a further meeting with DET and met with DET officals on 18 January 2017 to discuss and clarify a range of issues raised by DET in the15 December 2016 in relation to ASALs financial reports. Mr Robert Johnson of Hardwickes Accountants was invited to attend this meeting and Robert provided a full report addressing DET areas of concern. The meeting was very constructive and the Board is better informed and will be able to provide the required evidentiary materials supporting ASALs improved compliance with the Education Act in areas of financial reporting, governance and accountability.


The Board has since been working on the response to the 15 December 2016 letter from DET and the next monthly report for the month of January 2017.  As a result of the meeting with DET, the Board needs to provide further evidentiary material, including historical documents and more recent minutes that capture all debate and discussions on matters at Board Meetings. This means additional work and some documents may or may not be available from the previous Board and AFIC. For this reason, last week the Board applied for an extension of time for both submissions to 17 Febuary 2017 and both requests have been approved by the DET delegate Ms Drew Menzies-McVey, Branch Manager, Schools Assurance. 


A letter was received from DET on Friday 27 January 2017 stating the monthly payment for January 2017 re-current grant will be made to the school.


The Board has oversighted the transitioning of the schools accounting system from AFIC in Sydney to the School and is pleased to convey that this transition is also nearing completion. The last payroll was processed fully by the Canberra based staff at the school. The Board acknowledges Ms Saba Al-Juboori and Mr Bhaumik Burma of Hardwickes Accountants for their hard work in making this happen.


The schools registration for 2017 is also imminent and we expect to receive confirmation from ACT Government in the coming week.  


The Board continues to assure the Canberra Community as well as parents, students and staff that the Board is making very good progress and that the School is in very good hands and will continue to operate and flourish in to the future. We thank you for your continued confidence in the Board and wish to reiterate the Boards total commitment to the continued operational well being of the School for the foreseeable future.

Kind Regards


Ms Azra Khan


Board of Directors

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