School Philosophy and Values


School Philosophy

We believe that each student is unique; therefore we care for, respect and guide every child towards full development of his/her intellectual, spiritual, physical and emotional potential.

In our teaching, we make every effort to instil and uphold Islamic principles and values while provide academic and religious education of the highest quality. ISC endeavours to create an environment that will encourage positive behaviours, pursuit of excellence in all aspects of their school life

Islamic School of Canberra provides opportunities for all students to develop to their full potential and encourage students to contribute actively towards the betterment of Australian society and humanity.


School Motto

 “In Knowledge Lies Strength”


  • For Islamic School of Canberra to become the school of choice; where students thrive and mature into confident young adults, whose strengths are recognised and nurtured


  • A faith-based school which encourages and provides dynamic and challenging learning opportunities to meet the needs of all students in order to maximise their potential, so they become leaders of tomorrow



Islamic School of Canberra aims to promote excellence in learning and academic achievement through developing student curiosity and critical thinking. Islamic principles are embedded throughout the school, inspiring a desire for lifelong learning and the search for knowledge.

By offering a variety of activities both inside and outside of the classroom, and guided by Islamic values and experiences, ISC develops the student’s whole personality, empowering each student to become informed decision makers.


  • respect

  • honesty and trustworthiness

  • responsibility

  • acceptance


High Quality of Academic Education

Islamic School of Canberra promotes a culture of excellence by providing challenging and stimulating learning experiences that enable all students to explore and build on their gifts and talents. The aspects of our school system that contribute to the promotion of excellence and high quality of education are:

  • Australian Curriculum

  • embedded Islamic principles

  • modern and inclusive pedagogies

  • dedicated teachers and staff

  • informed students

  • supportive and engaged parents


Contact Details

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Office hours: 8:30 am to 3:30 pm

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