Students Drop Off and Pick Up

The school has made a few changes around the drop off and pick up of students and I ask that you are aware of the information below:




1. School commences at 8.45am and students will gather in the main assembly area at this time in their class groups

2. There will a short assembly and students will then move to classes

3. If students arrive after 9.00am they will be required to complete a late note and take this to their teacher




1. Classes will conclude at 3.25pm

2. Parents/Carers will be required to collect their child from THEIR CLASSROOM at this time

3. Staff will remain in class with the students from 3.25-3.35pm for collection

4. After 3.35pm students will be moved to Learning Centre for collection


It is expected that ALL students are collected from 3.25pm. Parents/carers are encouraged to collect

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