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Message from Board's Chair

Dear Parents/Carers and community members,

Assalamu alaikum wr wb (May Allah's peace, mercy and blessings be upon you)

On behalf of the Board of Islamic School of Canberra (ISC), I would like to thank you for your continuing support and understanding throughout the transitional phase of ISC in various fronts. As you are aware the school has been facing many challenges over the last few years, particularly in the areas of funding, governance, engagement and compliance. In order to overcome those challenges, the current Board has boldly committed to a new beginning and has already initiated several processes to realise a new vision focused around delivering the highest quality education.

Dear Community members, the current Board is committed to maintaining effective communication and engagement with the school community to ensure that their voices are always heard in realising a shared vision. The Board is committed to the continuous improvement of the school, including its facilities, to best serve the families who choose the ISC for their children’s education. The Board continues to work with the Principal to ensure that the educational standards are met and that the religious ethos is maintained.

Simultaneously, the Board has worked hard to move forward with its mission and vision, and has already approved a new strategic plan for 2023 (ISCSP 2019-2023) to upgrade the School to a full-fledged college in near future Insha’Allah. The Board has also approved contemporary policies for the smooth and effective operation of the school.

The school is now in an excellent position as it has not only survived during a difficult period but is continuously thriving. The School opened year 8 cohort this year (2018) and has received year 9 IPA (In-Principle Approval), which is now in process for registration, for 2020. The Board also has committed 18% pay rise to all staff which will reflect in the new Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA 2019-2022). Furthermore, the Board spent a large sum of money on new staff recruitment, renovation of the school premises, school extension involving five demountable buildings, a new master plan, procurement of several buses for effective transportation of students, purchase of science equipment for year 8 and year 9, new computers for classrooms and high-speed fiber-optic Internet services etc.

Dear Community members, the Board is committed to doing its part in building a new generation of Muslims from our children who will be ethical, confident, entrepreneurial, hardworking and will successfully integrate with multicultural Australia. The ISC is a unique institution where the students will not only acquire necessary numeracy and literacy skills but also will learn to care for others, for the environment and above all for our creator Allah who is continuously merciful and constantly forgiving. Our children in the School today will be tomorrow’s leaders and we want them to be well equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge for success in this life and the hereafter.

Dear Parents and Friends, the Board can only play a part in the success of our children and the School overall. In order for the ISC to succeed, divine blessing and your support are essential. The Board has shown its commitment and will be committed to making this school as one of the best schools in the Region. However, without the support and commitment from you and the community, any success of the School will be shortlived. Let us join our hands together in praying so that Almighty Allah continues to bestow His blessings upon the School in the years ahead.


Dr M Rafiqul Islam,

Chair, Islamic School of Canberra

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