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School  Canteen 


Alhamdulillah by the will of Allah (swt), the Islamic school of Canberra has a canteen now which has started in Term 1, 2020.

In this document, we have outlined everything you need to know about the canteen, how it will be run, and how you place hot food lunch orders for your children.

The canteen will be open every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Children will be able to buy snack food at recess and lunch. For example, potato chips, juice poppers, fresh milkshakes, and muffins. We have attached the recess and lunch menu list to this document. Please read it carefully and let your children understand what is available for them to buy. There will be no hot food available for children to purchase at recess and lunch.

The canteen will also provide hot food for lunch orders. These hot foods will be available by order only. If you do not pre-order for your child, they will miss out on having a hot lunch order. By making lunch orders pre-ordered, we reduce the amount of food being wasted if not sold.

Each classroom will have a canteen lunch order basket. Children will place their lunch orders in this basket, and it will be taken down to the canteen area in the morning. The cut-off time for orders to be placed in the basket is 9:15 am. This will allow enough time for canteen staff to sort through the orders etc.

Lunch orders will be written on a brown paper bag that can be purchased in bulk from Woolworths or Coles Supermarket.

When writing an order for your child, please make sure you add the following:
- Child's name and classroom
- Child's order, including if they would like sauce on their burger or on the side
- The cost of each item you are purchasing
- Total cost of lunch order.


Please find the attached file for the lunch and recess menu.

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