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Islamic Studies and Quran

The Islamic education program includes Islamic studies, Quran recitation and memorisation. Our teaching
staff includes well-qualified educators and Quran tutors to help students learn to read the Quran in Arabic
and also, to help students cultivate an understanding of the verses they memorise and recite. 

The Islamic studies curriculum provides ample opportunities for students to explore their faith and discover
both the practical and profound application of Islam in their young lives. Islamic studies also include the
character education program, which weaves universal moral values of respect, honesty, trustworthiness,
responsibility and acceptance. 

Prayer (Salah): Daily afternoon Salah is an important feature of the school's religious and spiritual life.
Students and Staff gather in the prayer room for collective prayer in the afternoon while enjoying personal
moments of supplication and reflection.

Friday Prayer: The congregational prayer of Friday is a highlight of the week as students look forward to the
inspiring words of the Imam (the one delivers the speech)

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